Friday 11th September              Brooklyn Bowl                        London, O2 Arena            INFO                  BUY

Friday 18th September              The Doghouse                       Guernsey                          INFO                  BUY

Saturday 19th September         The Doghouse                        Guernsey                         INFO                  BUY

Saturday 5th December             The Plough Arts Centre         Torrington                         INFO                  BUY

Thursday 10th December          de Piek                                   Vlissingen NL                   INFO                 BUY

Friday 11th December                Poppodium Gebouw T          Bergen Op Zoom NL         INFO                 BUY

Saturday 12th December           Thalia Theatre                        IJmuiden NL                     INFO                  BUY


Saturday 2nd January               The Half Moon                        Putney, London                 INFO                  BUY

Friday 22nd January                  The Diamond                         Mansfield                            INFO                 BUY

Saturday 30th January               The Brook                              Southampton                    INFO                  BUY

Friday 19th February                 The Robin 2                           Bilston, West Mids             INFO                  BUY

Saturday 20th February             The Exchange                        Keighley                            INFO                  BUY

Saturday, 27th February            Yardbirds Club                        Grimsby                             INFO                 BUY

Saturday 2nd April                    The Witchwood                        Ashton-under-Lyne           INFO                  BUY

Friday 29th April                        Bristol Bierkeller                     Bristol                                 INFO                  BUY

Saturday 30th April                   The Iron Road                        Evesham                            INFO                  BUY

Sunday 15th May                     Gordon Craig Theatre              Stevenage                         INFO                  BUY

Saturday 11th June                  The Half  Moon                         Putney, London                INFO                  BUY

Saturday 11th June                   The Half Moon                         Putney, London                INFO                  BUY

Friday 1st July                           The Grand Social                    Dublin                                INFO                 BUY

Saturday 2nd July                     The Belfast Empire                  Belfast                               INFO                  BUY

Monday 4th July                    Royal  Windsor Racecourse       Windsor                             INFO                  BUY

Saturday 9th July                      Private Party                                                                      

Friday 22nd July                         The Waterfront                       Norwich                            INFO                  BUY

Saturday 23rd July                    The Brook                               Southampton                    INFO                   BUY

Saturday 30th July                    Warner's Gunton Hall              Lowestoft                          INFO                  BUY

Sunday 7th August                    New Quay Music Fest            Ceredigion, Wales             INFO                  BUY

Friday 12th August                     The Marrs Bar                         Worcester                         INFO                 BUY

Friday 19th August                   National Brewery Centre          Burton upon Trent             INFO                  BUY

Saturday 20th August               Tribfest (VIP stage)                Sledmere Ho.East Yorks.    INFO                  BUY

Friday 2nd September               Brooklyn Bowl                       O2 Arena, London               INFO               BUY

Thursday 8th September          Bootleggers                              Kendal, Cumbria               INFO                 BUY

Friday 23rd September               Mr Kyps                                  Poole                                 INFO                BUY

Saturday 24th September          Butlins                                      Minehead                         INFO                 BUY

Friday 14th October                    Tropic at Ruislip                      Ruislip                               INFO                BUY

Friday 21st October                    The Half Moon                         Putney                              INFO                BUY

Saturday 5th November               Warner's Alvaston Hall            Nantwich                         INFO                 BUY

Saturdayy 12th November           The Haunt                               Brighton                           INFO                BUY

24th  November                           Belgium

25th  November                           Holland

26th November                             Holland

Friday 2nd December                  Level 3 Live                            Swindon                            INFO               BUY

Saturday 3rd December               Private Party                          Wales          

Thirsday 15th December              Corporate party                    Welwyn Garden

Friday 16th December                 Corporate party                      London

Tuesday 20th December              Private party                          London

Friday 30th Dec - 1st January        Spain/Portugal


Saturday 14th January               The Lights                             Andover                               INFO                BUY

Friday 27th January                    The Globe                            Cardiff                                  INFO                BUY

Friday 10th February                  The Robin 2                         Bilston, Wets Mids               INFO                 BUY

Friday 17th February                   Bierkeller                             Bristol                                  INFO                 BUY

Saturday 18th February              The Sugarmill                      Stoke on Trent                    INFO                  BUY

Saturday 4th March                    Warner's Gunton Hall          Lowestoft                             INFO                  BUY

Friday 10th March                       The Northcourt                    Abingdon, Oxon                   INFO                 BUY

Saturday 11th March                   The Half Moon                    Putney                                  INFO                 BUY

Saturday 15th April                      Astor  Theatre                     Deal, Kent                            INFO                  BUY

Thursday 4th May                                                                   Belgium

Friday 5th May                            Bevrijdings Festival              Zevenaar  NL                      INFO

Saturday 6th May                       Cacaofabriek                         Helmond    NL                    INFO                  BUY

Sunday 7th May                                                                       Netherlands              

Friday 19th May                         The Zephyr Lounge               Leamington Spa                 INFO                 BUY

Saturday 20th May                     MK11                                     Milton Keynes                    INFO                  BUY

Saturday  27th May           Bedford Corn Exchange        Bedford                                    INFO                 BUY     

Sunday 28th May       GLASTONBUDGET FESTIVAL (headline)    Leicester                    INFO                 BUY

Friday 9th June                         Concorde 2                             Brighton                             INFO                 BUY

Saturday 10th June                    The Half Moon                      Putney                                INFO                 BUY

Thursday 29th June                  Live Rooms                            Chester                               INFO               BUY

Friday 30th June                       Monroe's                                Galway                               INFO               BUY

Saturday 1st July                      The Empire                            Belfast                                 INFO                BUY

Friday 7th July                          Private event                          Fleet Street, London

Saturday 22nd July                   Warners Holme Lacy             Herefordshire                      INFO                 BUY

Saturday 29th July                    App Fest                                Lower Apperly, Glos.          INFO                 BUY

Saturday 5th August                  The Leopard                         Doncaster                           INFO                  BUY

Sunday 6th August                   Warner's Leisure                    Thoresby Hall                      INFO                BUY

Monday 7th August                   Falmouth Regatta                  Falmouth, Cornwall             INFO  

Friday 18th August                    The Spirit Store                     Dundalk,  Ireland                  INFO                 BUY

Saturday 19th August               Open House Festival             Bangor,  Northern Ireland    INFO

Sunday 20th August                 The Square Bar                      Portlaoise,  Ireland              INFO                 BUY

Saturday 26th August               The Big Tribute Festival         Aberyswyth                          INFO                BUY

Sunday 27th August                 Wannassee Festival               Penrith                                 INFO                 BUY

Thursday 7th September          Silloth Beer Festival               Allerdale, Cumbria               INFO                 BUY

Saturday 7th October               The Savoy Theatre                Monmouth                            INFO                 BUY

Saturday 14th October             Warner's Littlecote House       Hungerford                          INFO                 BUY

16th - 20th October                    Dubai and Abu Dhabi           Middle East

Saturday 21st October  - 2pm all ages matinee  Half Moon      Putney                               INFO                BUY  

Saturday 21st October               The Half Moon                        Putney                              INFO                 BUY

Saturday 4th November               The Mill                                 Banbury                             INFO               BUY

Friday 10th November               The Met Lounge                    Peterborough                      INFO               BUY

Friday 17th November                The Plug                             Sheffield                               INFO                 BUY               

Saturday 18th November          Private Party                          Glasgow          

Friday 1st December                  The Globe                             Cardiff                                 INFO                BUY

Saturday 2nd December             The Old Courts                     Wigan                                 INFO               BUY


Firday 19th January                    Komedia                              Bath                                    INFO               BUY

Thursday 25th January             The  Brindley Theatre           Runcorn                              INFO               BUY

Saturday 10th March                Butlins, Minehead                  Minehead                            INFO              BUY

Friday 30th March                      The Half Moon                      Putney                                INFO               BUY  

Saturday 31st March                  The Half Moon                      Putney                                INFO              BUY

Saturday 14th April                    Princess Pavilion                   Falmouth                            INFO              BUY

Saturday 21st April                     Muni Arts Centre                  Pontypridd                           INFO              BUY

Saturday, 5th May                         Zephyr Lounge                  Leamington Spa                  INFO              BUY

Friday 18th May                          The Tropic                           Ruislip                                 INFO               BUY

Sunday 27th May                         T.B.C.

Saturday 2nd June                    The Medina Theatre             Isle of Wight                        INFO                BUY

Saturday 9th June                         T.B.C.

Friday 22nd June                  Musiktheater Piano           Dortmund, Germany                    INFO               BUY                 

23rd June                                  Night at the Park Festival    The Hague, NL                      INFO  

Thursday 5th July                        Live Rooms                         Chester                               INFO               BUY

Friday 6th July                              Spirit Store                         Dundalk                               INFO               BUY

Saturday 7th July                         The Empire                         Belfast                                  INFO               BUY

Friday  5th October                      The Pavilion                         Exmouth                               INFO             BUY

Saturday 3rd November               Dukes Meadows               Chiswick, London                    INFO             BUY

Saturday 8th December                 The Globe                            Cardiff                                 INFO              BUY

Sunday 9th December                 The Half Moon                    Putney, London                      INFO             BUY


Sunday 10th March                   Thoreseby Hall, Warners          Ollerton                              INFO             BUY

Saturday 30th March                 Coverfest                              Davos, Switzerland               INFO             BUY